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12th September 2016

Site has to be shut down while its redeveloped and migrated to a new hosting service. The content won't be lost but it may take some time for it to return.

Bill Waterton, The Quick and the Dead (Recommended reading)

11th January 2014

The jet age was an exciting time to be alive, although for the test pilots, whose job it was to evaluate rapidly evolving airframe and engine designs, it was incredibly dangerous. The immediate postwar period was perhaps the most dangerous, because not only were the aircraft travelling much faster, they did not yet have reliable escape systems as the ejection seat, a saviour of thousands of lives had to evolve as fast as the aircraft themselves.

The Quick and the Dead* is highly recommended for anyone interested in the period. I picked up a well worn paperback edition some years ago and its fascinating. Bill Waterton, former chief test pilot for Gloster's wasn't very popular after this book was published, as he pulled few punches concerning his opinions of the aviation industry & government leadership.

December 2013

Since WA591 joined the Classic Flight Trust, I have thought deeply about what to do with this website. I purchased the domain name, and created the website as my contribution but became hooked on the Meteor and the early history of jet aircraft and jet engines. This meant the website soon expanded beyond news and photos of WA591's rebuild to became a repository of much historical content on jet engines, airframe developments and key people instrumental to it all.

The change to reflects the intention to continue this process and make the site much less Meteor-centric in conjunction with an all new mobile friendly design, this will take time but will be worth the wait.
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